Give away Doily is popular <3

Dear all,
I am right now in Hamburg on a business trip for 2 days, can tell you that here it is crazy hot. After a day of meeting, my colleague and I went to City. There we found a nice restaurant by the water. Good food, good drink and a lot of talk.
But now I’m back in the hotel and here I sit and make a post.
I see that a lot happens right now on my instagram and many work several of my designs, it’s so wonderful and I enjoy every picture I get to see.

One of my designs that has become popular is Give away Doily.
A pattern that I worked on for a colleague who would end up at our workplace, I can see that more people use the pattern for exactly what it stands for.

Also Scheepjes published Camilla’s beautiful picture of Give away Doily on their Instagram here during the day, so fun!

@Camillas Livsstil has crochet this Give away Doily.


Also got a question today why you didn’t find the pattern in English on my blog. When I look in the menu, the Swedish pattern is there but not English.
If you go via Ravelry then there is, but it is also linked in the Swedish pattern now under the menu.
Of course I put the links below so you can get started quickly!

Right now I go through my designs to make updates and to translate them into English. There are a few, but keep going. It comes one by one!
Now I will  crochet a few laps at My garden mandala, one of my designs that gets an update and translation.
My Garden
So I say, Many hugs to you all!


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