Give Away Doily in English

Yarn I use is Catania

Green with crochet hook 3.5:

C1 White 106

C2 Mint 385

C3 Jade 253

Pink with crochet hook 3:

C1 White 106

C2 Bast 257

C3 Vintage pink 423

Size: 40cm

* _ * = repeat!

Start with 5ch which is made into a ring with 1sl st in 1st ch

Round 1. (C1) crochet 12 tr around the ring, Cut the yarn.

Round 2. (C2) Start with a post with 1 fphdc, 1 ch, 1 fphdc, repeat a total of 12

Round 3. (C2) Start with a post with 1 fpsc, *around ch crochet 2sc, 1fpsc* Repeat a total of 12. Cut the yarn

Round 4. (C3) Crochet in back loop only. crochet 1 sc in each stitch. (= 36sc). Cut the yarn

Round 5. (C1) Repeat Round 4 (=36sc)

Round 6. (C1) Start in a sc with 1dc, crochet the next dc in sc which is immediately before the dc you crochet = X-dc * skip 1sc, 1dc, 1dc in the skipped sc * Repeat, you should have a total of 18 X-dc.

Round 7. (C1) crochet 1 sc in each dc and 1sc in space between X-dc, crochet 1sc, crochet next sc in next dc, 1 sc in space before next X-dc. (= 54sc) Cut the yarn.

Round 8. (C3) Crochet in back loop only. Crochet 1sc in each stitch (54sc) Cut the yarn.

Round 9. (C2) Crochet in back loop only, 1 dc in each stitch (=54dc) Cut the yarn.

Round 10. (C3) Start in a post with 1 fphdc, *1ch, 1fphdc* (=54 fphdc + 54sc) Cut the yarn.

Round 11 (C1)Start chrochet in 1ch with 1 puff. *1ch, Skip fphdc, 1 puff in next ch* (= 54 puff + 5) Cut the yarn.

Round 12. (C2) Start with 1 fphdc around puff, * 1hdc around ch, 1 fphdc around puff* Cut the yarn.

Round 13. (C3) Crochet 1 bphdc in every stitch. (=108 bphdc)

Round 14. (C1) Repeat Round 13.

Round 15. (C1) Start in a bphdc, crochet 6dc, *1ch, 6dc, Dont leave any stitch when you crochet 1ch*
(=108dc +18ch ) Cut the yarn.

Round 16. (C2) Start in first dc of 6, crochet 1 fpdc in each stitchrel st *2ch, fpdc in next 6st* Wen you crochet the 2 ch you should not leave any stitch. (= 108 fpdc, 36ch) Cut the yarn..

Round 17. (C3) Start in first of 6 fpdc, crochet fptr together of the 6 fpdc = ”petal” *5ch, 1sc in the 2ch, 5ch, 6 fptr together*

Round 18. (C3) 8ch, 1sc around the 5ch, *2ch, 1sc around next 5ch on the other side of the ”petal”, 8ch, 1sc around next 5ch* Cut the yarn

Round19. (C2) around the 8ch you crochet 11 hdc, *1ch, skip sc, 1sc around the 2ch, skip sc, 11hdc around the 8ch* Cut the yarn

Round 20 (C1) 11sc in back loops only, *skip 1ch, 1 fpsc around sc, skip 1ch, 11 sc in back loop only.* Cut the yarn.

Round 21 (C3) Start i second sc of 11, * 4hdc, in 5:e sc crochet 1hdc, 2sc, 1hdc. 4hdc, skip 1sc, on fpsc do 1 puff, skip 1sc* Cut the yarn.

Round 22 (C2)*5 bphdc, 1hdc, 2sc, 1hdc around the 2ch, 5 bphdc, around puff 1 fphdc* Cut the yarn.

Round 23 (C1) *Crochet fphdc in all stitches (6 fphdc). Around the 2ch crochet 1 hdc, 2ch, 1hdc. Fphdc on next 6 stitches, skip fphdc around puff*

Round 24 (C1) SC in all stitches, around 2ch you crochet 1sc, 1picot, 1sc. Sc in all stitches until you are at 2ch again.


Good luck!