Now we do the last part of February Mandala Square!


Now is the time for the 4th and last part of February Mandala Square.
I hope you have had fun these weeks and are satisfied with your work.
I have two pieces on my crochet hook and have only finished one. But that may be due to all other projects in progress.

I would be very happy if you show your finished work on social media, don’t forget me,
#lifestylebyella, # 12months & 12mandalabyella

February mandala square by Ella_Del 4_SE
February mandala square by Ella_Part 4_Eng_20200306
February mandala square by Ella. Часть 4. RUS.[2729]

You find all parts and February Mandala you need to start with here:

12 Months & 12 Mandalas By Ella

I hope you continue to crochet my designs and enjoy each moment.

Next Saturday comes March Mandala.

Hugs to you ❤




2 kommentarer på “Now we do the last part of February Mandala Square!

  1. [swoon ..]
    Your February mandala, now finished, is absolutely SUMPTUOUS, Elisabeth ! It’s easy to see what a perfectionist you are, because it seems to me that your work is .. well, perfect ! 😀

    Gillad av 1 person


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