More translations for Hortensia Mandala

I am so happy to publish my designs in Russian as well. A big thank you to Светлана Вьюгова‎ / and her tester for the help ❤ Worth Gold for me!

Hortensia Mandala. RUS.[1517]


You find Swedish and English pattern here:

_Hortensia Mandala_SE_ny

Hortensia Mandala_ENG

Hugs and best regards ❤



En kommentar på “More translations for Hortensia Mandala

  1. I’m 73 and have terminal cancer. Working on your patterns each day, watching the interplay of form and color gives me such joy. I’m fine for now, but no one knows for how long. No worries, I have an exit plan. Thank you so much for these patterns. I wish I could visit you in Sweden and learn from the master.


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