New fun pattern, Veronica!

Dear All,
After an idea I got at work, I went home and brought out hook and yarn. In a long pleasant conversation with a dear friend, a pattern grew.
A cute little pot sitting together with a doily. What a great idea! Why not a sweet go away gift with a flower in, or why not put a little lovely chocolate in it.
I have used a little flower pot as a measure for this, the pot measures 8×6.5 cm.
After I sat down to write down the pattern, I have made some small changes both in the Doily and the end of the pot.
But I can give you the tip set to crochet the doilyn just as you like and have the feeling for it.
The yarn consumption is only 37gram. Perfect to use scrap yarn to be found at home.
The pattern is both in Swedish and English. So why not sit for a while and do something fun.
The pattern can be found here and is in both languages.
Have fun!


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