Elegant Dahlia Doily

Dear Crochet friends ❤

Now there are only a few days left for a new year, 2020. I have created a little doily during my holidays over the Christmas days to be able to decorate the dinner table on New Year’s Eve with several.


Of course, I want to share my Elegant Doily, about 20 inches cute little doily. 12 laps, so it’s easy to crochet and of course it does best on the table if you do more.

I also sit and do a little bigger Elegant Dahlia, but since I am working on other fun projects at the same time I will publish it later.

But here you have the pattern, uppdate 20191228:

Elegant Dahlia Doily_ny

Elegant Dahlia Doily_Eng_new

I want to make you aware that the pattern has not been tested, so I am grateful if you contact me if you find errors and deficiencies that need to be corrected.
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Many warm hugs from me to you!




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