Summer Beauty part 3

Dear All,

Already Thursday again and time for the 3rd and last part of Summer Beauty.

Tomorrow is the Midsummer Eve, a nice tradition where often family and friends are seen to eat well and dance around the ”midsummer bar”. A nice event for children and adults.
In my family we will be seen on our terrace to enjoy a lot of good food and drink, we have no ”midsummer bar”, so we skip the dance. Tradition is also to tie a wreath of flowers to adorn the hair. I have seen many nice crocheted flower wreaths now and had I had time, I had worked one for myself. But next year maybe.

I hope you enjoyed the Summer Beauty work. I think this is the most beautiful pattern I have created. Are so happy and enjoy seeing all your variations of my pattern. So now I’m waiting to see your finished Summer Beauty.
Don’t forget to tag me in social media when setting up your Summer Beauty.
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facebook: Lifestyle by ella
Many warm hugs to you all!
If you like my designs, you are always welcome to invite me to a cup of coffee. A fine contribution for more patterns ❤

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