The end of this year in English

Yarn: My choice is Catania

Crochet hook: 3,5

Size 30cm

Round 1. Magic ring = 5ch which is crocheted with 1sl st in 1th ch.

Round 2. 12 hdc around magic ring

Round 3. 1hdc + 2ch in each hdc =12hdc + 12ch “bow”

Round 4. Start in the middle of a ch ”bow”, 1 sc + 4 ch, work the same in all 12 ch “bow”

Round 5. *Round ch ”bow” crochet 5dc, skip sc * 12 times = 60dc

Round 6. Start in 2nd of 5 in a dc group, crochet hdc in the next 3dc, skip the 5th dc.
* Crochet 1fp tr in the skipped sc directly below from round 5, 2ch, 1fp tr forward the same sc.
Skip 1dc, crochet 3dc on next 3dc, skip the last dc of 5 * crochet a total of 12 times.

Round 7. Start the round in a ch ”bow” made between 2fp tr. * Crochet 2 dc, 2 tr, 2 dc in ch ”bow”, 1 fp hdc forward on fp tr, skip 3 ch, 1fp hdc in fp tr * crochet a total of 12 times

Round 8. Start in 1st of 6 stitches made of ch ”bow” on Round 7. * Crochet fp sc in front of the first 3 st, 2 ch, fps c in the last 3 stitches, 1 fp sc the next 2 fp hdc. *

Round 9. The round is crocheted in the 3hdc skipped on Round7.
So it will be working behind round 7. Start in 1st hdc of 3, crochet 2 tr in each hdc, total 6 tr, * crochet 1 sc in 1st tr, crochet in ch ”bow” on round 7, continue in next hdc group of 3 and crochet 2 tr in each hdc = 6tr *

Round 10. Start in any tr, crochet 1 sc in each tr, skip the sc between tr from round 9. = 72 sc

Round 11. Start in any sc with 1 sc, in the next sc do 2 sc = crochet 2 sc in every other sc around.
= 108 sc

Round 12. Start with 1sc in a sc worked with 1sc on round 11. * 3ch, skip 2sc, 1sc in next sc *
= 36 ch ”bow”

Round 13. Start in the middle on a ch ”bow” with 1 sc, * 4 ch, 1 sc in the next ch ”bow” * = 36 ch ”bows”

Round 14. Repeat round 13

Now we should crochet in V11, Crochet this lap in the front stitch of the sts on designated stitches.

Start in the 1st stitch after a sc that was made on round 12, crochet 1 sc in the following 2 stitches, skip the sc worked in Round 11, you work sc in the st that are between sc until you are at a tip (the 2 ch worked on Round 8 ) 1 puff in the 2 ch, return to Round 11 and continue with sc as before puff. You should have 6 sc between each puff

Round 15. Repeat round 5 total 36

Round 16. Repeat round 6 total 36

Round 17. Repeat round 7 total 36

Round 18. Repeat round 8 total 36

Round 19. Crochet in Round 17 stitches, start in 1st of 6st. * Crochet sc in the following 3 st, crochet a picot in the 2 ch on Round 18, continue with sc in remaining 3 st on Round17 *. Total of 36