My mini mandala_English

Catona från Scheepjes.

Crochet hook: 3 and 2,5 for last round.

Size: 28cm

*_* repeat hole round

Picot = 3ch, 1sl st in 1st ch.

Puff= Crochet with a total of 11 loops. Replace the needle, insert the needle in/on the designates stitch, pick up the yarn, repeat 5 times. When you have 11 loops on the needle, pick up yarn and thread the needle through the loops. Knit the puff together with 1 sc.


R1. 5ch, put it together with 1 sl st in 1st ch.

R2. 12dc around ch5

R3. Sl st in 1st dc, in the space between 1st and 2nd dc you crochet 2dc, *skip 1 dc, in next space you crochet 2dc* =24dc

R4. Sl st in 2dc, in space between 2nd and 3rd dc you crochet 3dc, *skip 2dc, in next space you crochet 3dc* =36dc

R5. 1sc in 1st of 3 dc, 1sc in next dc, in the 3rd dc you crochet 2sc, * 1sc in next 2dc, 2sc in the 3rd dc* = 48sc

R6. Crochet in back loop only! Crochet 1sc in each stitch = 48 sc

R7. Start in a sc with * 1dc, 1ch, 1dc = V-stitch skip 1sc, 1dc, 1ch, 1dc = V-stitch in next sc*= 24 V-stitch

R8. Start in ch1 between 2 dc, *1dc, 1ch, 1dc around ch1 = V-stitch, skip 2dc, crochet in next ch1* = 24 V-stitch

R9. Repeat Round 8, but instead of 1ch you crochet 2ch = 24 V-stitch

R10. Start this round around ch2 with 5dc, 1ch * skip 2dc, around next ch2 you crochet 5dc, 1ch* = 24 groups of 5dc + 24ch

R11. Start this round in 1st dc in a goup of 5dc, *sc in first 2dc, in 3rd dc you crochet 1sc, 2ch, 1sc. 1sc in next two dc, crochet a long sc between V-stitch in round 9*

R12. Start in ch2, 1sc, 6ch, *jump to next ch 2, 1sc, 6ch*= 24 ch6

R13. Start around ch6 with 6dc, *2ch, skip sc, 6dc around next ch6*

R14. Start around 1st dc in a group of 6. *6 bp dc, 1 puff in sc from round 12*

R15. Start in 1st bp dc of 6, * 6 bp dc, 1ch*

R16. Start in 1st bp dc of 6, *1hdc, 2dc, in space between 3rd and 4th dc you crochet 1dc, 2ch, 1dc, 2dc, 1hdc. 1 fp sc around puff drom round 14*

R17.  I have chosen to crochet this round with a smaller crochet hook, 2.5 to get picot finer. Start in 1st hdc with 1sc, continue with sc to ch2. Crochet 1sc, 1picot, 1sc, 4sc *1 fp sc around fp sc, 4sc, around ch 2 you crochet 1sc, 1picot, 1sc. 4sc*



Enjoy and have fun!