My Dream Mandala English

Crochet in cotton like Catona or Emma

Virknål 3

Mått ca 50cm


Think of:
Every round ends with 1 sl st in 1st stitch

*-* repeat


Start with 5ch and put It together with 1 sl st in 1st ch = ch-loop

R1: Around ch-loop you chrochet 12dc

R2: Crochet 2dc in space between dc, you skip dc = 24dc

R3: Crochet 3dc in space between dc-group (2dc is a group) = 36dc

R4: In space between dc-group (3dc is a dc-group) crochet *1 V-stitch = 1dc, 2ch, 1dc. Skip dc-group*

R5: In the V-stitch you crochet 4dc (dc crochet around ch2 between dc) * 1Ch, 4 dc in next V-stitch* = 12 flower petal

R6: Start this round in 1st dc in a flower petal. Crochet 2sc, sch, 2sc, * 1fp tr around second dc of 3 from round 3, 2sc, 2ch, 2sc in next flower petal*

R7: This stitch you crochet behind flower petal and in dc from round 5.
Start with 1sl st around 2nd dc in a flower petal, *6ch, 1sl st in next flower petal and in 2nd dc*

R8: around ch6 you crochet 6dc, skip sl st = 72dc

R9: Start in 1st dc of 6, crochet *6 bp hdc, 2dc tog around ch2 you do in a flower petal from round 6*

R10: Start this round in 1st bp hdc of 6, *crochet 1sc in the 6 bp hdc, 1 fp sc around the 2dc tog*

R11: Start in a sc, crochet 1puff + 1ch, *skip 1 sc, 1 puff + 1ch in next sc* = 42 puff + 42ch

R12: Start this round in a ch with 1dc, around puff you crochet * 2 fpdc, 1dc in next ch*

R13: Start this round in space between 2fp dc you crochet around puff, *5dc, 1ch, skip 6dc, 5dc in space between 2 fp dc, 1ch* = 21 flower petal

R14: Start this round in 1st dc in a flower petal. 5 bp dc, *crochet 1 dc in 2nd fp dc from round 12, 1 dc I 1st fp dc = X-stitch, 5 bp dc in next 5dc in a flower petal*

R15: Crochet sc In back loop only in all stitches = 147sc

R16: Start in a ch, *2sc, 2ch, skip 1sc, 2sc, 2ch skip 2sc*

R17: Start this round in 1 ch2 with 1 popcorn, *2dc in the 2ch, 1 popcorn in next ch2*
= 42popcorn + 84dc

R18: Crochet *hdc in both dc between popcorn, around popcorn crochet 1 fp hdc* = 42 fp hdc + 84 hdc

R19: Start in one fp hdc, crochet 5 tr in this fp hdc, *skip 2hdc, 1 fp tr in next fp hdc, skip 2 dc, 5dc in next fp hdc*

R20: start in a tr group with: *1 hdc in 1st tr, 1hdc in space between tr, crocet like this and you should have 9hdc I each tr group, 1ch, skip 1 fp tr. Crochet in next tr group*

R21: Start this round in 1st hdc of 9, crochet 1 bp hdc in each hdc. 1 fp tr in tr from round 19.

R22: Start in 1st bp dc of 9 with 1 puff, *1ch, skip 1 stitch, 1 puff in next stitch*

R23: Start this round between 2 puff with 1 dc in stitch from round 21. *Around puff you crochet 1 fp ch, in next space after puff you crochet 1 dc in stitch from round 21*

R24: Crochet sc in back loop only in all stitches

V25: Start in one sc with 1 dc, crochet 1 dc in sc before 1st dc = X-stitch *skip 1sc, 1dc in next sc, 1dc in the sc you skip*

R26: Start in a X-stitch, in the space between this 2dc you crochet 2dc, *skip 2dc, crochet 2dc in next space in a X-stitch*

R27: Start this round in 2nd dc of 2 in a group of 2dc you crochet in a X-stitch. 1dc, 1dc in dc before, *skip 1dc, 1dc in 2nd dc, 1 dc in the dc you skip* = X-stitch

R28: In space between dc that form X-stitch crochet 3 dc tog, * 2ch, 3 dc tog in space between dc that form next x-stitch*

R29: Start around ch2 with 2dc, *1fp dc around 3dv tog, 2dc around ch2*

R30: Crochet 1 bp hdc around each stitch

R31: Start in one bp hdc with 1dc, 2ch, 1dc = V-stitch, * skip 3 bp hdc, crochet 1dc, 2ch, 1dc in next bp hdc*

R32: around ch2 in V-stitch you crochet 3dc, 1ch, 3dc, *1ch skip next V-stitch, around ch2 in next V-stitch crochet 3dc, 1ch, 3dc*

R33: Start this round in ch1 between 2x3dc, Crochet 1dc, 1ch, 1dc. *Bp dc in next 2dc, skip 1dc. 1 popcorn around ch2 in a V-stitch from round 31, skip 1dcm bp dc in next 2dc, in ch1 crochet 1dc, 1ch, 1dc*

R34: Start this round around ch1, 1dc, 2ch, 1dc *bp hdc around next 2dc, skip 1 dc, fp sc around popcorn, skip 1dc, 2 bp hdc, in ch1 you crochet 1dc, 2ch, 1dc*

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