Little Princess in English

Yarn: Cablé 5 från KATIA or other cotton yarn you want to use.

Crochet hook: 2,5

Size 26cm is with Cablé 5.

5 color:
C1 = Grey 27
C2 = Medium rose 16
C3 = Rose 17
C4 = Pearl light grey 26
C5 = Light Pink 18

*_* repeat hole round
**_** = Repeats the number of times references in the pattern
(_) in the end of each round and is your total of stitches
Popcorn = 4dc in designated stitch, take out the needle from last loop, thread the needle in 1st dc and in the loop on last dc. Thread last loop through the first loop. Crochet a ch to bind the popcorn together.


R1: (C1) crochet 5ch to a loop with 1sl st in ch1.

R2: (C1) 16dc around the loop

R3: (C2) In each dc you crochet 1 popcorn + 1ch (16 popcorn + 16ch)

R4: (C3) Start this round around ch1, 1 popcorn, * 1 fp dc around popcorn, 1 popcorn around next ch1* (16 popcorn + 16 fp dc)

R5: (C4) Start around 1 pocorn with 1 fp hdc, 1ch, 1 fp hdc around fp dc, *1ch, 1 fp hdc around next popcorn* (32 fp hdc + 32ch)

R6: (C4) start around ch1 with 2 hdc, * 1 fp hdc around fp hdc, 2hdc around next ch1* (64hdc + 32 fp hdc)

R7: (C1) 1 sc in each back loop only (96sc)

R8: (C1) Repeat round 7 (96sc)

R9: (C5) You crochet in back loop only! Start in 1 sc with 1dc, 1ch *skip 1sc, 1dc in next sc, 1ch* (48dc + 48ch)

R10: (C5) start around ch1 with 2hdc, * 1fp hdc around dc, 2hdc around next ch1* (96hdc+ 48 fp hdc)

R11: (C4) Start in 1 fp hdc with 1sc. *3ch, skip 2hdc, 1sc in next fp hdc* (48sc + 144 ch)

R12: (C4) Start this round with 1sc in one ch3, * 3ch, 1 sc in next ch3*

R13: (C4) Repeat round 12

R14: (C1) Start around one ch3, 3hdc, *1 fp hdc around sc, 3hdc around next ch3* (144hdc + 48 fp hdc)

R15: (C2) Start this round in one fp hdc with 1 popcorn, *3ch, skip 3hdc, 1popcorn in next fp hdc* (48 popcorn + 144ch)

R16: (C3) Start in 1st hdc of 3 from round 14, crochet 3dc, * 1 fp hdc around popcorn, 3 dc in next 3hdc from round 14* (144dc + 48 fp hdc)

R17: (C3) Crochet sc in all stitches, but you skip fp hdc you crochet around popcorn (144sc)

R18: (C4) This round you crochet only in fp hdc from round 16, In each fp hdc you do 1 fp dc, 2ch, 1 fp dc = V-stitch (48 V-stitch)

R19: (C3) Start this round in one ch2, crochet 5dc, * skip stitch to next ch2, 1sc, skip stitch to next ch 2, 5dc* (24 groups of 5dc + 24sc)

R20: (C4) Start this round in the 5dc with 5 bp dc, * 1 fp sc around sc, 5 bp dc* (24 groups of 5 bp dc + 24 fp sc)

R21: (C1) Start in the 5 bp dc with 5 sl st, * around fp sc you do 1 fp hdc, 2ch, 1 fp hdc =V-stitch, 5sl st* (24 V-stitch + 120 sl st)

R22: (C5) Start in one ch2, *around ch2 you do 1dc, 1ch, 1dc, 1ch, 1dc, 1ch, 1dc, 1ch, 1dc, 1ch = 5dc + 5ch. 1sc I back loop only on 3rd bp dc from round 20, 1ch, continue around next ch2*

R23: (C3) Start around 1st ch1 after dc, * **2hdc around ch1, 1 fp hdc around dc** repeat 4 more times, skip last dc, 1 fp sc around sc, skip 1dc*

Good luck!